Why You Shouldn’t DIY Commercial Cleaning

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Commercial cleaning requires specialized training to sanitize equipment, disinfect surfaces, and spruce up furniture. It’s the kind of ‘cleaning’ that keeps all disease-causing germs and bacteria out of your workplace and gives employees peace of mind knowing that they are working in a safe environment, which can aid in improving productivity.

However, many business owners think it shouldn’t be too difficult to add a shimmer and shine to their offices or commercial buildings since they clean their homes. Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed companies failing to keep their offices hygienically clean after handling the cleaning process in-house.

Therefore, at CE&M Janitorial Service, we believe that it’s best to call in a professional cleaner if you need to clean your office. Not convinced? Please take a few minutes to learn why you shouldn’t DIY commercial cleaning.

1. Wrong chemicals could get mixed
Sometimes cleaning solutions are mixed in the hope of cleaning faster and better. However, if the wrong chemicals get used, it could damage surfaces like porcelain in bathrooms. Also, floors could get slippery if too much cleaning consistency gets poured into the bucket.

2. Higher chances of overspending
If you’re not familiar with efficient cleaning tools, you could unnecessarily spend extra money purchasing the wrong equipment. Also, to fix any issue, a company may decide to bring in an expert, which will cost extra to clear up the mess made by the initial DIY attempt.

3. The cleaning may be incomplete
Some enterprises pay an employee overtime to stay back a couple of nights a week to clean. However, the employee will be tired from completing their regular shift and may miss the finer details. They may also lack the skills to complete the tasks correctly.

Do things right - hire a professional!
We hope you are now considering hiring an expert to clean your office. A professional cleaning company will have all the tools, products, and trained crew to do a stellar job.

Choosing a professional should be done by interviewing and listening to their solutions. Make sure you ask for quotes to compare the best options as every job is different and costs vary from company to company.

For a reliable cleaning company in Medford, Oregon, reach out to CE&M Janitorial Services. We are professional cleaners that work round the clock to keep our clients’ facilities hygienically clean. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and our services include commercial/ industrial cleaning, janitorial duties, and floor maintenance.

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