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Our Cleaning Services include: Janitorial Services and Floor Maintenance.

CE&M Janitorial Services provides Commercial cleaning, Industrial cleaning & Janitorial Services to clients across Jackson County, Medford, White City, Eagle Point, Ashland, Phoenix, Talent, Gold Hill, Rogue River, Jacksonville, Central Point, Josephine County, Grants Pass, Redwood, Merlin, Oregon.

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Working Around the Clock for You

To accommodate your busy schedule, CE&M Janitorial Services operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us today to set up a service schedule that works with your hours of operation.

What Sets Us Apart?

CE&M Janitorial Services pride ourselves on our personalized attention and fast response times. Our dedication to your satisfaction helps us provide quick solutions to your concerns. Don't depend on a fly-by-night cleaning crew to maintain the professional appearance of your business. Call the team committed to meeting your specific cleaning needs.

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About Us

CE&M Janitorial Services’ prides themselves on personalized attention and fast response times. With a commitment to excellence CE&M Janitorial Services maintains an extremely clean environment for all businesses, large or small. Call the team committed to meeting your specific cleaning needs today.

(541) 646-0025

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What People Say

  • Testimonials on CE & M Janitorial Services - Commercial, Industrial Cleaning Company Medford

    The owners are wonderful people who care about their clients and their employees. They are particular about who they hire and ensure that they hire quality people that do quality work. Their cleaners work hard and pay attention to every …

    C.J. West

  • Testimonials on CE & M Janitorial Services - Commercial Cleaning Company Medford

    Very pleasant owner. Excellent service, always clean and much much better than his competition!

    Mike Gregoric

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