Common Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Janitorial Services

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As a company dealing in janitorial services, we went through many challenges during the pandemic and lockdown. Most of the work we handle is in-person, so we found it challenging to get anything done remotely, and without the ability to meet. People were reluctant to meet because of the Coronavirus spread, and they wanted to keep themselves and each other safe.

Through the pandemic, a lot of companies and businesses had to shut their offices. The primary purpose for this was the new rules disallowing people from meeting in person depending on the size of the group. People, for the most part, were remote working to get things done, which meant making changes around their homes. However, they were starting to be a lot more done remotely, although the first couple of months were challenging. Everyone started paying a lot more attention to staying cleaning, cleaning regularly touched surfaces, and sanitizing the common and waiting rooms.

As the restrictions started easing up, companies were allowed to function with some limits on the number of people coming in. However, they had to redesign their office space to make sure there was enough space between the various people coming in. People working in an office had to make sure that there was a good amount of space between them. Additionally, companies began making sure they were cleaning their surfaces properly, which was one of the main reasons they were bringing in companies with information about janitorial services. People were unsure about how they were going to pick someone to handle these tasks and would ideally ask their friends or look it up online. After working on similar lines, we learned that there are some common mistakes that people keep making, and we thought that we would address them so that others can avoid them moving forward.

1. Not having an appointed person to act as a Facility Coordinator
For someone just starting, one of the most common mistakes that they could make would be not having an appointed person to act as a Facility Coordinator.

In the initial days, most small businesses do their cleaning themselves to minimize costs but when they start growing and expanding, they find themselves overwhelmed with work and without the time to do their cleaning anymore. Having an appointed Facility Coordinator before contacting any Janitorial Services Contractor would Guarantee more effective communication between the facilities personnel and the contractor. The primary reason why the change would work is that the Facility Coordinator is the one that will ask everyone in the facilities their cleaning needs, and based on these cleaning needs, will determine the list of tasks required from the Janitorial Services Contractor.

2. Delaying the scheduling of janitorial services
Another Mistake is that the facility Coordinators take their time to call Janitorial Services Contractors.

They should not be scheduling different appointments with each contractor for a walkthrough, which is a waste of time and can avoid these if they summon all prospective Janitorial contractors at the same hour. They can have one meeting for the entire time and explain to everyone what they are working on, which makes the work a lot easier.

3. Not conducting thorough interviews when picking the team
People should get all the information available to them when they are working through a process. When in the interview process and walkthrough, if the facility coordinators do not ask questions like what same size jobs did the Janitorial Contractor clean, the other services they offer, the kind of equipment they use, they would not know if they are picking a good fit for their company. By not going through a thorough review, the opportunity to better choose the best fit for the building’s needs escapes, and they end up settling for the least qualified company.

4. Not having a list of duties
During the walkthroughs, the list of duties is a most significant part because it specifies the facilities needs and allows the Janitorial Contractor to better understand the cleaning needs a give a more accurate Quote bid depending on the scope of work and what the contractor saw in each room, according to the list of duties.

5. Not asking for similar size client references
Another common mistake is to not ask for similar size client references, through various options online. Often the first three to five cleaning companies are invited for a walkthrough and to provide a quote. However, sometimes you might connect with some new companies, and they might have paid for ads that put them higher on Google and other web searches. By requesting a list with a minimum of three current clients, and three clients they are not working for anymore will clear the way for the best company fitted to do the cleaning.

6. Not following up on the references to see whether it makes sense to work with them
Requesting for a current and past Client Reference list and not calling them to verify the contractor’s references is futile. Have three simple questions, and each question with a score will help you decide between Janitorial Contractors because each reference will tell you about the contractor’s performance at the time they were hired and if they will be willing to hire them back, or not and why. Depending on the questions asked and answer received, people can decide on the team they want to bring on board which makes for a good process.

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